DATS Project has being devoloped by ParSecure Cyber Security Team in Turkey’s biggest technopark Bilisim Vadisi (IT Valley). The DATS Project is the first project in the #DePIN category focused on Web3 security, where individuals can allocate system resources without additional hardware investment thanks to our desktop app that can interact with our Proof of Resource smart contract.
DATS Project is a blockchain company that produces automated vulnerability scanning and cybersecurity solutions with distributed high computing power (D-HPC) for Web3, Web2 and Blockchain security.
DATS develops High Performance Computing (HPC)-integrated SaaS solutions that aim to increase the resilience of projects and Web2 institutions in the Blockchain ecosystem against increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks around the world and eliminate many problems in the cybersecurity industry.
The DATS Provides a unique peneteration testing and vulnerability search services beyond smart contract auditing that has more resources than cyber criminals have. In this way, it enables you to be one step ahead of cybercriminals by ferforming much faster vulnerability and penetration testing.