DATS Project is the distributed Computing Power market place focused on WEB3 and WEB2 security and cyber threat intelligence.

Postmodern Web3 Security Infrastructure Paradigm!

As we continue to grow and evolve Web3 ecosystem, there is a growing need for decentralized and cybersecurity solutions so that more people adopt Web3.

DATS Project: Cybersecurity-focused computing power marketplace with share-to-earn model.

The DATS Project develops innovative products that will revolutionize Web3 and Web2 cybersecurity.

DATS Project; Instead of centralized large and costly computing power, it will provide a huge pool of computing power with a large number of participants and small resources, which is decentralized and without investment costs. In this way, it will be ensured that the participants own the DATS Project and generate income. DATS Project is the first project that produces solutions to many problems in the field of transparent and evidence-based cybersecurity with the distributed computing power, blockchain and Web3 technology created.

Thanks to the huge computing power provided by the participants, solutions will be produced to many problems in the fields of Web3 security, Web3 threat intelligence and Web2 cybersecurity.

In addition to all this, what differentiates DATS from competitors is the uniqueness in payment model, DATS adopts a pay on demand model, whereby the service price is only a fractionalized cost of the classical cybersecurity products and services.

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