Thanks to Dats Project blockchain technology and crypto;

  • Realization of peer-to-peer tasks with proof of computing power in a transparent manner with smart contracts based on the ability to reach consensus without a central authority and the construction of an open source access culture,

  • Proof of ownership of the system resources provided by the participants,

  • Providing NFT certificates to customers using DATS Project services,

  • To create a technological infrastructure that prioritizes fair access and equality for Web3 projects, Web2 institutions and cyber security companies that want to use DATS Project services,

  • Micro payments are made in return for the seigniorage profits of the system resources provided by the participants of the Dats Project (higher return than the cost of the resources provided by the participants),

  • Establishing an accrual of value,

  • Staking pool and reward mechanism,

  • Based on our vision, most importantly, it will secure the DATS Side Chain that will host WEB2 cybersecurity companies that want to switch to WEB3 in the future.

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