1. Participants download the DATS Project Desktop application.

  2. Participants dedicate their system resources such as CPU, GPU, and internet bandwidth to the project.

  3. Through those system resources, the needed computing power of DATS Project services is ensured.

  4. Clients can use needed the services through our computing power marketplace.

  5. Defined tasks are shared among the participants and completed in the fastest way possible.

  6. 60% of the income is shared with the participants.

The DATS Project will generate income by offering the high-performance services it has developed to organizations in the cyber security market with a pay-as-you-go model without investment and maintenance costs.

In the future, DATS Project will be able to develop additional services and increase its revenue model in line with the demands of its customers.

60% of the income produced from the services purchased by the end user will belong to the participants, and 40% will be the income of DATS Project.

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