Blockchain technology has been developed particularly to store and validate the complex mixtures of technical properties, charts, accounts, arrangements, protocols, standards, and property rights as well as to timestamp. This technology allows for the development of different technologies needed, in addition to the stereotyped perception of many people as storing or trading value.

Ethereum blockchain has activated the tokens that allow for making instant and more complex transactions by utilizing smart contracts. It is a fact that individuals and institutions ensure the operation of this technology by spending time and mining.

Now, imagine the Decentralized High Computing Power (D-HPC), which is created by thousands of people by dedicating the idle system resources of the computers they currently use without making any additional investment and which does not have an investment cost of hundreds of millions of dollars. Moreover, because it will consist of the resources of currently used computers, this technology will not require extra energy consumption and will not create an additional problem for carbon emissions.

If you like, you can utilize this D-HPC or start obtaining income by being a part of it. We have figured out how to investigate cyber risks, how to detect them, and have already developed the prevention mechanism. However, we are developing the D-HPC that this development and all cyber security companies need for rapidly eliminating cyber threats before they even emerge. We are inviting everyone to go through the DATS Project door into the future of IT.

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