🔐Server Based Pentest

Thanks to Server Based Pentest with D-HPC, developers and chains can perform penetration tests of the servers they host their systems within minutes. Within minutes, after the completion of the service, they can have the vulnerability reports and NFT certificates. In this way, they can perform security tightening very quickly, allowing their users to transact securely.

Server Based Pentest contains similar problems as Web3 DApp Pentest problems.


  1. Present day hackers can perform organized and sophisticated attacks by commanding thousands of computers they have infected with malware.

  2. Institutions from which we purchase penetration testing services require customers to whitelist their IP addresses in their security products in order to perform all vulnerability scans.

  3. Developers have to wait in line for weeks to get service from security companies in the Web3 ecosystem. Besides, developers have to wait for days to receive the report of the service they purchased.

  4. Fast-growing attacking groups

  5. Developers only focus on Smart Contract security. However, there are numerous attacks on the DApp.

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